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The local economy deals both with trade and industries. The trade is mainly in grain and livestock from the surrounding region. Locally produced wheat is processed by local factories to produce semolina, couscous and noodles. Other industries are woodworking, manufacture of carpets and metal handicrafts. Zinc is extracted from nearby deposits and there are hydroelectric development to the north. It has become the commercial center of a region where textiles are made, phosphates are mined and cereals grown. A large amusement park is located in the center of the city where the city Zoo can be found. The center of the park has a man made lake where visitors can enjoy pedal boats.

Population 239,195 History
District Setif Province Nerva
Roman mausoleum
Mauretania Sitifensis

Time Zone CET (UTC+01)
Postal Code 19000
Elevation 1,096 m (3,596 ft)
Valentine's day (Feb.5th-15th)
Contemporary Collection
Get Well
Get well basket: Hospital
Love & Romance
Mixed Flowers
Mother's Day
New Baby
Spring Bouquets
White Flowers
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Because of Setif's location on the High Plateaus at an elevation of 1,096 metres, it is one of the coldest regions during winter in Algeria. The Wilaya frequently sees an annual snowfall of up to 40 centimeters.
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